Wasaho Cree Nation Weather Whims: From Warm Welcomes to Foggy Farewells!

Weather Update Fall

Cloudy contemplations, foggy fanfare, and that cheeky chill in the air

Greetings, Wasaho!

Today: Rise and shine, Wasaho dwellers! We’ve got a toasty +5°C to greet your morning stretches. But wait! The sky’s having a bit of a mood with its cloud cover. Looking for the sun? It’s playing a bit of hide and seek today. Those early morning misty wanderers will be heading out, making way for a comfy high of 11°C. And for all you sun lovers, our UV is staying low-key at 1.

Tonight: The clouds ain’t budging. But in an interesting twist, the fog is making a curtain call around midnight. And in a small act of rebellion, the temperatures are dipping their toes just below freezing at minus 1°C.

Tomorrow: Clouds continue to be the star of the show. However, the fog, after its brief midnight soiree, will be heading out with the morning dew. A gusty change is in the air as the wind decides to show off, becoming southwest at 30 km/h. The mercury will do a little jig and reach 12°C. Our ever-consistent UV index? Still humming at a 1.

Fashion Forecast for Today: Layers, dear Wasaho! Start with a light sweater and layer up with a jacket. And for tonight, perhaps bring out those mittens that have been waiting for their seasonal debut.

Wasaho Cree Nation, through warm welcomes, cloudy days, and foggy nights, remember: There’s no weather too cold for a warm heart! Keep those spirits high and the coffee hot!

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