Repeat Impaired Driving Offender Apprehended in Atikokan: Bradley Steele Arrested and Charged

Impaired Driving numbers are up in Thunder Bay. What should be done?

Atikokan, ON In a vigilant operation, the Atikokan Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) recently apprehended a repeat impaired driving offender, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring the safety of the community. This latest charge is the second charge within the past three months.

Erratic Driving Leads to Arrest

September 27, 2023 – Around 8:00 pm, an Atikokan OPP officer on routine patrol noticed a vehicle displaying erratic driving behaviour in the Lone Pine area of Atikokan.

Field Sobriety Test and Arrest

Upon stopping the vehicle, the officer conducted a field sobriety test, revealing the driver, Bradley Steele, 38 years old of Atikokan, to be impaired. Steele was promptly arrested at the scene and then transported to the Fort Frances OPP Detachment for further testing.

Criminal Charges and Penalties

Bradley Steele now faces a criminal charge under the Criminal Code of Canada: Operation While Impaired – Alcohol or Drugs. If convicted, Steele could face significant penalties, including fines, imprisonment, and a potential driving ban.

Immediate Consequences

As a consequence of the arrest, Steele’s driver’s license was suspended for 90 days, and his vehicle was impounded for seven days, emphasizing the strict consequences for impaired driving offenders.

Legal Proceedings

Following his arrest, Steele was released by the police with a scheduled court appearance. He is set to appear in the Atikokan Ontario Court of Justice on November 30, 2023, where he will answer to the charge of impaired driving.

Law Enforcement Capabilities

It’s crucial to note that law enforcement agencies, including the Atikokan OPP, possess the necessary training and expertise to identify and apprehend drug-impaired drivers, ensuring the safety of all road users.

For further information on Drug Recognition Evaluations, interested individuals can refer to resources provided by institutions like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the United States Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These resources offer valuable insights into the methodologies used by law enforcement in identifying drug-impaired drivers, contributing to enhanced public awareness and road safety.

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