Fort Frances Weather: Fog Advisory Clears, Mix of Sun and Cloud, Potential Showers Ahead!


Fort Frances – WEATHER – It’s a cool +8°C as you start your day, and there’s a mix of weather on the horizon. Here’s your updated forecast:

Today: While a fog advisory is in effect this morning, the fog patches are expected to dissipate as the day progresses. Fort Frances will experience a mix of sun and clouds, with high temperatures reaching 22°C. However, with the humidity, it might feel like 27°C (humidex). The UV index is at a moderate 4, reminding you to protect yourself from the sun.

Tonight: As night falls, the sky will become mainly cloudy. The temperature will drop to a mild 14°C, creating a comfortable night.

Sunday, 1 Oct: Sunday brings a mix of sun and clouds to Fort Frances. In the morning and afternoon, there’s a significant 60 percent chance of showers, accompanied by a risk of a thunderstorm. High temperatures will rise to 26°C, making it a warm day. With the humidity, it might feel as high as 33°C (humidex). The UV index remains at a moderate 4.

Please stay updated on any changes in the weather and be prepared for the potential of showers and a thunderstorm on Sunday. Stay comfortable and weather-aware, Fort Frances!

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