Vermilion Bay and Dryden Weather: Where Sunshine Meets Surprise!

Dryden Fire Base

🌅 Early Morning Greetings: +14°C in Dryden at 5:15 AM CDT!

  • Rise and shine, Dryden! It’s a sunny start to the day with a gentle +14°C at the airport at 5:15 in the morning. The sun’s got its hat on and is ready to party! But wait, there’s a twist in this sunny tale.
  • As the day unfolds, our clear skies are in for a makeover – they’re becoming a mix of sun and clouds. It’s like the weather’s playing dress-up!
  • And speaking of transformations, the wind is joining the fun, becoming a southward breeze at 20 km/h this morning. It’s as if the wind’s saying, “Let’s make some waves!”
  • Our high today? A delightful 25°C, but don’t forget to factor in the humidity (humidex 30). It’s like an unexpected guest at your picnic – it’ll make things a tad warmer. And with the UV index at a moderate 4, don’t leave your sunscreen and shades behind. Mother Nature wants us to look cool while staying cool!

🌙 Tonight: Clear Skies and a Cozy Low of 11°C

  • As night falls, Dryden is in for a serene evening. Expect clear skies, perfect for some stargazing or a leisurely walk under the moonlight. The low tonight is a comfy 11°C. So, whether you’re counting constellations or just counting sheep, it’s a night to relax.

🌦️ Thursday’s Forecast: A Mix of Surprises!

  • Thursday’s forecast is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get! We start the day with a mix of sun and clouds, like Mother Nature’s way of keeping us on our toes. But here’s the twist – there’s a 40 percent chance of showers and a risk of thunderstorms.
  • And that’s not all, folks! The wind is changing its tune, becoming eastward at 20 km/h in the afternoon. It’s like the wind’s saying, “Let’s add some drama to the day!”
  • The high for Thursday is 23°C, with the humidity (humidex 27) making it feel just a bit warmer. And yes, the UV index remains at a moderate 4, so don’t forget your sunscreen and shades. You never know when Mother Nature will decide to throw a weather curveball!

📸 Send in Your Weather Photos and News Tips!

  • Vermilion Bay and Dryden, we want to see your weather adventures! Whether you’re chasing rainbows or enjoying a thunderstorm dance-off, snap those weather photos and share your stories. If you’ve got a hot tip on breaking news, spill the beans! Send your captures and news tips to, and you might just become our next Newshawk hero.
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