Councillor Kasey Etreni Replaces Councillor Shelby Ch’ng on Police Services Board

City Hall
Thunder Bay City Hall

Ch’ng Resigns from Police Services Board

THUNDER BAY – POLITICS – Councillor Shelby Ch’ng has officially stepped down from her position on the Thunder Bay Police Services Board. Ch’ng, who was the Northwood Councillor before running as an at-large candidate in the last civic election had been serving as a municipal appointee on the five-member board since May 2022.

Replacing her on the board is first-term Councillor Kasey Etreni, who will now assume the responsibilities associated with this role.

The Thunder Bay Police Services Board plays a crucial role in overseeing law enforcement activities in the city and ensuring a transparent and accountable police force. As per the responsibilities of a Police Services Board in Ontario, they are responsible for various key functions:

  1. Setting Priorities: The board collaborates with the police chief to establish priorities and objectives for the police service, aligning them with community needs and expectations.
  2. Budget Oversight: It approves the police budget, ensuring that financial resources are allocated appropriately to meet the identified priorities.
  3. Policy Development: The board participates in the development of policing policies, ensuring they align with legal requirements and community values.
  4. Hiring and Oversight: The board appoints the police chief, who is responsible for day-to-day operations. They also oversee the conduct of officers and address any disciplinary matters.
  5. Community Engagement: Police Services Boards engage with the community, gathering input, and addressing concerns to maintain a strong relationship between law enforcement and the public.

Councillor Kasey Etreni’s appointment to the Thunder Bay Police Services Board signifies another new chapter in overseeing law enforcement in the city. The community will be watching closely as the board continues to fulfill its vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of Thunder Bay residents.

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