Thunder Bay: Cloudy Skies Continue over a Busy Bay and Port

Looking over Lake Superior
Looking over Lake Superior

Thunder Bay, it’s another day with cloudy conditions on the horizon. If you are interested in sharing with out-of-town visitors, or just getting a good look at how busy the Port of Thunder Bay is right now, head to Hillcrest Park. There are 11 ships in the harbour today. This is one of the larger number of ships in the port in a while.

Here’s your weather update:

Today’s Weather Preview: Cloudy Skies

Expect cloudy skies today with a high temperature of 16 degrees. The UV index is 4, indicating moderate conditions.

Tonight’s Conditions: Cloudy Night

Tonight, the cloud cover continues, with low temperatures dropping to 7 degrees.

Tuesday’s Script: Mainly Cloudy Conditions

On Tuesday, mainly cloudy conditions persist, with a high temperature of 16 degrees. The UV index remains at 4, indicating moderate conditions.

Stay Prepared for Cloudy Weather, Thunder Bay!

Be prepared for cloudy skies today and tomorrow. If you come across any interesting weather-related stories or photos, feel free to share them with us at

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