Sachigo Lake: Smoke from Wildfires and a Swirl of Seasons!

Maple Leaf on St Paul Street
A sign the weather is changing a Maple Leaf on the sidewalk on August 24th in Thunder Bay on St. Paul Street

A Shower and Shine Shuffle

Good morning, Sachigo Lake! Today started off a little teary with a few showers, but dry those eyes because the sun’s peeking out for a dance amidst the clouds. Our uninvited guest, Mr. Local Smoke, seems to be the life of the party yet again. If you’re thinking of a lakeside stroll, brace yourself! The northwest winds are playing a lively tune at 30 km/h, occasionally showing off with gusts up to 50. Feeling warm? We’re hitting a toasty 20°C, with a UV index sitting pretty at a moderate 5.

Night Sky’s Clear, But Keep Those Windows Tight

As the night tiptoes in, the skies decide to play it clear and cool. But don’t be fooled, that pesky local smoke is still around, probably trying to figure out the constellations like the rest of us. Winds from the northwest will hum a lullaby at 20 km/h, turning to a whisper early in the evening. Snuggle alert: temperatures are dipping to a comfy 11°C.

Fri-Delight with a Side of Sprinkle

August 18th, you beauty! Sachigo Lake’s sun is putting on its finest show, though, like any diva, it’s bringing some drama with increasing clouds by midday. There’s a little 30% whisper of possible showers by the late afternoon. And yes, our ever-persistent local smoke hasn’t packed its bags yet. Winds will sway from the south at 20 km/h with gusts flexing up to 40 in the morning, then deciding to laze around by afternoon. Toasty times ahead with a high of 24°C, a touch of humidity making it feel like 26, and a UV index that screams “sunglasses and sunscreen” at a high 6.

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