Air Alert and Windy Whirls: Whitesand & Armstrong’s Wild Weather Wonders!

Whitesand Band Office

Cloudy with a Chance of…Smoke?

Hold onto your hats and maybe even your lunch, folks! Today, Whitesand and Armstrong are playing host to gusty guests. Winds from the west are whirling at 20 km/h and throwing some extra oomph with gusts up to 40.

But wait, they decided to turn it up a notch, morphing to northwest 40 and showing off gusts to 60 by early morn. Showers are in the mix, and we’ve got some uninvited local smoke crashing the party. The thermometer’s topping off at a cool 16°C and our UV index is chilling at a low 2.

Tonight’s Forecast: The Calm After the…Showers?

If you’re betting on the weather (which we don’t recommend), there’s a 40% chance of showers this evening. But the clouds have a bedtime, clearing out near the witching hour. Though it looks like our smokey friend overstayed its welcome.

The gusty winds? They’re taking a breather tonight, slowing from a roaring northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50 to a more civilized light breeze. And if you’re the chilly type, you might want to snuggle up— we’re dipping to a brisk 4°C.

Fri-Yay Forecast: Here Comes the Sun (and Smoke)!

Happy August 18th, lovely folks of Whitesand and Armstrong! Mother Nature’s weekend gift to you is a big bright sun! But like that relative who can’t help but comment on your life choices, we still have some lingering local smoke.

Winds decide to switch things up, turning southwards at 20 km/h by the afternoon. As for the temps? We’re heating things up to a more summer-like 23°C. And for those planning a day out, lather up! The UV index is ready to party at a high 7.

Got some news tips or those ‘smokin’ hot photos? You know where to send them: Stay safe and keep it breezy!

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