Wasaho Cree Nation: Where the Winds Whisper and the Skies Have Moods

Wasaho Cree Nation Fishing - Image Lydia Matthews
Wasaho Cree Nation Fishing - Image Lydia Matthews

Mist, Missed and Maybe More?

Morning, Wasaho! You might’ve woken up to some drizzly moodiness, but those showers are making their exit. Just when you think you can put that umbrella away, the skies tease with a 60% chance of another sprinkle later this morning. But fear not, sun-worshippers, the afternoon promises clarity. Ah, but the local smoke, always the dramatic one, is still hanging around. Winds from the north are having a moment, gusting up to 50 km/h. We’re looking at a max of 16°C, so you might want to keep that jacket handy. And for the sun-seekers, the UV is strutting at a moderate 4.

Tonight: A Starry (and Smokey) Serenade

When night drapes over Wasaho Cree Nation, the skies decide to show off their clear complexion. However, that local smoke can’t resist a nighttime cameo. As for our gusty northern friends, they’re calming down from 30 km/h to a gentle breeze as evening unfolds. Pack an extra blanket tonight; we’re going to a nippy 7°C.

A Fri-YAY of Two Halves

August 18th is pulling a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on us! We start with a sun-soaked morning, only to get a tad cloudy and coy with a 30% chance of late afternoon showers. But hey, it’s Friday, so even the local smoke’s only making an afternoon appearance. Winds? They’re swinging south and gusting up to 40 km/h in the AM. Feel the heat at a summery 24°C, though it might feel like a slightly steamier 25. UV enthusiasts, you’ve got a moderate 5 to work with.

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