Weather Bulletin: Sachigo Lake – Showers, Thunder, and Smoke Haze!

Weather Update Fall

Today’s Forecast: “Clouds, Claps, and Smoke”

Greetings, Sachigo Lake residents! Today is one of those ‘pack an umbrella and stay indoors if you can’ days. Expect scattered showers that will most likely retreat by late afternoon, but we’re still on a 40% chance alert for more rain. The drama doesn’t stop there; the skies might rumble with a thunderstorm.

The unique twist today? Patches of local smoke drifting through late morning and afternoon. If you’re wondering about the rain, we’re expecting a generous 10 to 15 mm. The westerly winds are set to sweep through at 20 km/h, but hold onto your hats, as gusts might peak at 40 km/h. Despite all the action, we’ll touch a reasonably pleasant 22°C. But remember, the UV index stands at a moderate 3, so take precautions if you’re stepping out.

Tonight’s Forecast: “A Quieter Symphony”

As dusk falls, expect a partially cloudy sky with a lingering 40% chance of showers, and yes, the potential thunderstorm might encore. That haze of local smoke will remain, making for some dramatic sunset hues. The northwest winds, which are playing their tune at 20 km/h (gusting to 40 km/h), will soften and become a gentle breeze by the early hours. We’ll be wrapping up in blankets at a cool 13°C.

Tomorrow’s Horizon: “Clouds, Drops, and More Thunder!”

Wednesday, 16th August: Overcast skies are the order of the day. Showers might start teasing from the morning (60% chance) but expect them to make their full appearance by noon. For those who enjoy a good thunderous show, there’s a possibility both in the morning and afternoon. That hint of local smoke continues its presence. We’re anticipating 5 to 10 mm of rainfall. Temperatures will peak at a cooler 19°C. As for sun-lovers, the UV index remains low at 2.

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