Weather Bulletin: Wasaho Cree Nation – Winds, Whispers of Rain & A Hint of Smoke

Smoking Geese in Wasaho Cree Nation
Smoking Geese in Wasaho Cree Nation

Today’s Forecast: “The Wind’s Tale and Teasing Showers”

Hello, Wasaho residents! The showers are planning an early exit around noon. Once they’ve taken their bow, we can expect skies to oscillate between sunny spells and clouds. However, don’t stow away your umbrellas just yet; there’s still a 40% chance those showers might decide on an encore. The real star of the show? The winds. They’re shifting from a southern direction to a brisk northwestern, soaring up to 30 km/h and gusting to an impressive 50 km/h. Our mercury readings aim for 19°C with a moderate UV index at 5. So, if the sun does peek out, a dash of sunscreen wouldn’t hurt.

Tonight’s Forecast: “Whispers of Winds and Clouds”

The skies plan to usher in more clouds as the night progresses. The winds, having showcased their power throughout the day from the northwest at 30 km/h, will mellow down by evening. But don’t expect a silent night, as they’ll reinvent themselves, blowing in from the southwest at 20 km/h as we head into the wee hours. Night temperatures will dip to a cool 10°C.

Tomorrow’s Glimpse: “Shades of Grey, Rain, and a Smoky Veil”

Wednesday, 16th August: An overcast day beckons. The morning and early afternoon tease with a 40% chance of showers, but by afternoon, they’re less coy, making a full appearance. Adding an ethereal touch to the canvas will be patches of local smoke. Despite the clouds and potential showers, our temperatures remain consistent, aiming for 19°C. Sun enthusiasts, take note: the UV index is on the lower side at 2.

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