Weather Bulletin: Whitesand & Armstrong – A Dance of Sun, Clouds & Thunder!

Ontario Provincial Police - Armstrong detachment
Ontario Provincial Police - Armstrong detachment

Today’s Forecast: “When Sun Meets Storm”

Good morning, Whitesand and Armstrong! The day kickstarts with a glorious sunny spell. But as the old saying goes, ‘expect the unexpected.’ By late morning, we’ll see clouds rolling in, and there’s a 60% likelihood of those clouds showering us with some rain. The real headline? A potential thunderstorm, which always adds drama to the skyscape. A westerly wind will make its appearance by late afternoon, clocking in at 20 km/h. As for the temperature? A warm 24°C, but with the humidity, it may feel closer to 29°C.

Tonight’s Forecast: “From Showers to Stars”

Evening plans? Keep an umbrella handy. The clouds might pour with a 60% chance of rain. And if that wasn’t enough, nature’s light show – a thunderstorm – might just make a brief appearance. But don’t be dismayed, as the clouds are set to part ways, giving room for a clearer night. Just a heads up – fog patches are predicted to cloak our towns as night deepens, setting the stage at a cool 11°C.

Tomorrow’s Highlights: “A Glimpse of All Seasons”

Wednesday, 16th August: Start your day with a blend of sunshine and clouds. However, by late morning, expect a canopy of clouds with a 60% chance of rain by the afternoon. And yes, the thunder may make an encore. Fog lovers, early morning is your time to revel, but it’ll dissipate as the day warms. The wind takes a southern direction, breezing in at 20 km/h. The day’s high is a comfortable 21°C, but it might feel like 26°C. And for our sun-seekers, UV index stands at a moderate 3, so some protection is advised.

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