Jagger Canada Inc. Fined $30,000 for Environmental Violations in Thunder Bay

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Thunder Bay – Environmental Breach Alert

THUNDER BAY – NEWS – Jagger Canada Inc. has been handed a significant fine following a series of environmental protection violations in the Thunder Bay area. The court’s decision sheds light on the company’s neglect in the aftermath of a tractor-trailer accident near Neys Provincial Park.

Key Details of the Incident

On November 18, 2019, a transport truck under Jagger Canada Inc.’s ownership and operation encountered an accident. This mishap led to a spillage of engine oil and diesel fuel in proximity to Neys Provincial Park, located near Marathon town. Subsequent observations by ministry staff revealed oil and fuel remnants amidst rocks and snow on the highway embankment. Alarmingly, the spill was found to be merely 15 meters away from a flowing stream, posing potential environmental hazards.

Company’s Oversights and Ministry’s Response

Despite the gravity of the situation, Jagger Canada Inc. displayed negligence in its responsibilities:

  • No proactive contact was made to the ministry regarding site cleanup.
  • The company ignored a ministry order, dated December 20, 2019, which mandated hiring a qualified contractor for spill cleanup, along with a written report submission by January 11, 2020.
  • The company’s non-compliance persisted past the set deadline.

Fortunately, on December 7, 2020, the ministry was informed by Jagger’s insurance provider that site restoration was finally completed on October 30, 2020. The report met the order’s conditions.

Legal Repercussions and Penalties

Jagger Canada Inc.’s non-compliance resulted in three charges under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA). The court found the company guilty on all counts. The subsequent penalties imposed include:

  • A fine totalling $30,000.
  • An additional victim fine surcharge amounting to $7,500.
  • A stipulation to clear the combined penalty within 15 days.

The convictions stem from the company’s failure to:

  1. Hire a contractor for spill cleanup and provide ministry confirmation.
  2. Thoroughly eliminate all contamination post-accident.
  3. Deliver a written summary detailing environmental restoration measures by the specified deadline.

Final Remarks

The ministry’s Environmental Investigations and Enforcement Branch was instrumental in ensuring justice, emphasizing the importance of corporate responsibility in environmental protection. This case serves as a stern reminder for all businesses to adhere strictly to environmental safety norms and promptly address mishaps to prevent detrimental ecological impacts.

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