4 Things to Know Before Playing Final Fantasy XIV


When starting to play a new video game, it’s always good to learn a little more about it. That way you won’t be frustrated, and you’ll have at least some understanding of what’s going on and what you need to do.

Newcomers to Final Fantasy XIV should also learn about certain features before they buy the full game. To begin with, they can test the game to see if it meets their expectations or not. In addition, the game has many interesting points features, and tricks that will be useful for beginners to learn about.

Top tips for beginners

Find ways to make more Gil

In no other game you will see such a rigid economic system as in FFXIV. Once you start playing, you will find that you need in-game currency for almost everything. When you are short of Gil, you are practically paralyzed in your actions. Therefore, you need to understand how you can get in-game currency. Here are some of the most popular ways:

  • Order any quantity of FFXIV Gil. This is the fastest and easiest way since you don’t have to complete quests, craft items, and so on. You can simply specify the amount of Gil you need and make a purchase;
  • Create rare and high-demand items. This method can take some time, as you need to understand what items players want, as well as collect all the necessary resources for crafting;
  • Invest in the in-game market. By understanding how the in-game market works, you can keep an eye on the supply and demand for various items. When there is a large demand for a certain item, you can make great money, especially if there are few offers.

These are just the most popular methods for making Gil in the game. Many other ways differ in the level of income, as well as the amount of time you need to spend.

4 Things to Know Before Playing Final Fantasy XIV

Choice of class and job

Many beginners mistakenly believe that these two concepts are interchangeable, but they are not. Initially, you have to choose a starting class. As you get closer to completing your class’s level 10 quest, your character will unlock some additional classes. To do this, you have to talk with the guild master. The choice of a class is not permanent, so one of your characters can belong to several classes, but you will have to develop them separately.

The class that you choose at the very beginning will only determine the city where you will start playing from. If you are playing with your fellows and want to continue playing further, then you need to choose classes that will start playing from the same city. Because after level 15 you can split up.

Choosing a class and the city is quite simple. It is enough for you at the moment of creating your character and choosing a class, pay attention to the bottom of the screen on the left to understand where your character will start from.

Equip a soul stone

As you complete the tasks of your class, your character will level up. When you complete the level 30 quest, you will receive a reward in the form of a soul stone. This item is important so that you can choose to specialize in your profession.

There is no point in leaving this resource until better times. You need to equip it right away as your character will be able to start doing a lot of new actions. In addition, it will open the way for your character to gain new skills, as well as open up new quests for you.

4 Things to Know Before Playing Final Fantasy XIV

Some quests are optional

In Final Fantasy XIV, not all quests are equally important for your character’s development. Therefore, you should know which quests you should give priority to, and which ones you can leave for later.

The most important thing is completing the quests of the main storyline. Until you do them, many amazing things remain inaccessible to you. Each time you complete such a task, you will unlock new actions. They are easy to distinguish as they will look like an exclamation mark with a fire-shaped border.

You will also come across side quests, which look like an exclamation point, but have a brown background and gold edging. They are optional as you won’t get much experience. On rare occasions, you may receive some valuable items. Thus, you can skip them and come back to them whenever you want.

Another important category of tasks is feature quests. They look like an exclamation point on a blue background with a plus symbol on the left side. They will unlock new locations, dungeons, new options to customize your character, and more.


Knowing some information about Final Fantasy XIV before starting the game will make you feel much more confident. Beginners should learn about all the ways to make Gil because without in-game currency it will be very challenging. In addition, you should understand which quests you must complete and which can be left for later. This way, you will gain experience faster and unlock activities that were previously unavailable.

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