Cash-Strapped but Got Itchy Feet? Fuel Your Wanderlust with Travel Bloggers Joelle and Ryan

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Are you dreaming of far-flung destinations but feeling daunted by the costs? Are you frustrated that your bank account doesn’t stretch far enough to make the journey? Joelle and Ryan, travel bloggers, have the solution. Inspired by a shared desire to see the world, this dynamic duo streamlines the travel experience for others like them.

U.S.-based content creators and world-traveling buddies Ryan Slough and Joelle Machia motivate their viewers all over the globe to pack their bags and take the leap. The duo has been traversing the world since 2014, touching down in 50 countries and covering 1,8461,500 miles. They are now helping others take steps towards discovering the world with their venture, Wanderers Compass.

Launched in 2021, Wanderers Compass is a young travel blog that chronicles the duo’s adventures and gives readers the inspiration and tools they need to create their own independent, authentic, and life-changing travel experiences. With their trusty cameras in hand, they scour the globe for off-the-beaten-path gems and provide advice for exploring the world on a shoestring.

Unfortunately, travel costs are increasing exponentially, making it difficult for aspiring travelers to pursue their dreams. An industry report predicts that international travel expenses will most likely increase by 50% this year – making it harder for avid travelers to hit the road. Ryan and Joelle, however, are adamant about changing this condition so everyone with a limited budget can travel easily. According to Ryan, a big part of their mission is to make traveling affordable so that no one misses out on travel opportunities.

If you’re a cash-strapped traveler with itchy feet, Joelle and Ryan have some great tips for you.

Employ Loyalty Programs and Redeem Reward Points

 One of the best ways to cut costs is to take advantage of various loyalty and reward programs the credit cards offer. Ryan and Joelle are frequent flyers, so they use credit cards with generous reward points, redeemable for free flights, hotel stays, and more.

A Beautiful view of Manarola, Italy from Joelle and Ryan’s diary

For instance, they point out the Chase Sapphire Reserve rewards program, which provides points redeemable for future travel purchases. The American Express program Membership Rewards works like a point system. You earn at least 1 point for each dollar spent on certain American Express cards. These cards offer bonus points for spending in specific categories, like airfare or dining out.

Keep Track of Shared Costs During Travel

Another great tip from Joelle and Ryan is to use a cost-splitting app when traveling with friends. This way, everyone can track what they owe and pay their fair share. They especially recommend the Cost Split app, which helps ensure that traveling companions split costs fairly. It keeps you on top of your expenses and how much you owe your friends.

Prepare For The Unexpected Costs

It’s always best to be prepared for any unexpected costs. This means setting a travel budget and allocating some to insurance policies. According to Ryan and Joelle, medical evacuation membership is something that every traveler should consider. With the right coverage, you can be sure you won’t be stuck in a foreign hospital if the worst happens. Check out the complete article here.

With the Wanderers Compass, Ryan and Joelle hope to open up new travel opportunities for people of all financial means. By offering the resources and encouragement, they hope to inspire more people to travel, especially those who didn’t think it would ever be possible.

Visit Wanderers Compass or follow the duo on Instagram to find valuable tips for your next adventure.

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