The Pepe Le Pew Dilemma: Keeping Skunks Out of Your Garbage


THUNDER BAY – LIVING – Ah, summer! The season of barbecues, picnics, long, languid days by the pool, and… the pungent aroma of Pepe Le Pew and his brethren ransacking your garbage? That’s right, folks, we’re talking skunks.

These rascals will work into your garbage and ignored, on garbage day they will have left you a mess that will give you a possible panic attack in order to get your garbage out to the curb.

For several weeks now, at home, taking the garbage out has proved an adventure, several times the garbage bin has, in addition to the two bags allowed, also contained a mom skunk and her babies. Now its kind of cute to live in a city where nature is at the ready, but its a startling feeling to go grab garbage bags and be in a potential gas attack from a cute skunk!

Now while these black and white vandals who turn our trash cans into their personal buffet tables, might be cute, they are not going to win this battle.

Doing a bit of research, here are some ideas to help you restore law and order to your backyard without resorting to drastic measures. With testing, this is, so far working.

Firstly, let’s understand our opponent. Skunks are nocturnal creatures, drawn to the irresistible scent of leftovers in your garbage cans like moths to a flame. Picture this: it’s late at night, and you’re drifting off to sleep when suddenly, the unmistakable scent of eau de skunk wafts through the window. Who needs a bedtime story when you have the real-life drama of Pepe’s late-night escapades?

To put an end to this nocturnal mischief, let’s start with an everyday household item. Pine-Sol. Now, you may be thinking, “Pine-Sol? The stuff I use to mop the floors?” Yes, indeed! Your trusty floor cleaner is about to become your best ally in the battle against these black and white bandits.

Simply mix a part of Pine-Sol with three parts of water and pour it into your garbage bags before you seal them up. Skunks may be a lot of things, but connoisseurs of the pine-fresh scent they are not. A few whiffs of this, and they’ll turn their noses up faster than a food critic at a fast food joint.

Now, before you start pouring Pine-Sol willy-nilly into your garbage bags, remember that moderation is key. We want to deter our striped friends, not start a Pine-Sol factory. Just enough to make the bags unappetizing should do the trick.

Of course, Pine-Sol is just one trick up your sleeve. There are other ways to ensure your garbage bins are as appealing to skunks as a plate of cold, soggy French fries.

First up, secure your bins. Make sure they’re firmly closed, and if necessary, add a weight on top. Skunks are surprisingly resourceful, but they’re not exactly world-class weightlifters. Adding a bit of resistance should give them second thoughts about their nightly raid.

Secondly, consider investing in some motion-activated lights. Remember, skunks are creatures of the night. A sudden spotlight on their dastardly deeds might just be enough to send them scurrying. Consider it your personal “bat-signal,” except, well, for skunks.

And finally, keep your garbage area clean. Yes, we know, it’s a garbage can, but think of it as your frontline in the battle against skunk invasions. A clean garbage area means less residual smell to attract these striped miscreants.

In summary, keeping skunks away from your garbage doesn’t require a wildlife degree, just a bit of common sense, Pine-Sol, and maybe a couple of extra trips to the trash cans. And remember, these are just skunks we’re dealing with, not raccoons. Now, there’s a whole different ballgame.

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