Thunder Bay Weather: Chilling at -15°C but Bringing the Sunshine!

Warm weather in recent days has some of the critters who sleep waking up - Watch for skunks!
Warm weather in recent days has some of the critters who sleep waking up - Watch for skunks!

Good morning, Thunder Bay! At 6:00 AM EST, it’s time to face the cold, as we’re greeted by a chilly -15°C. Grab your parkas and mittens; let’s add a little warmth with some weather humor!

A Frosty Wake-Up Call: -15°C at 6:00 AM EST!

Mother Nature certainly gave us a wake-up call today! It’s a bone-chilling -15°C out there. If you need any motivation to get out of bed, just remember that first sip of hot cocoa waiting for you.

Barometer’s Confidence Boost: 102.6 kPa and Rising

The barometer is radiating confidence at 102.6 kPa and on the rise. It’s like Mother Nature saying, “I’ve got this!”

Humidity: Drier Than a Desert

Humidity levels are at 83%, but it feels drier than the Sahara. Don’t forget that moisturizer, or your skin might start asking for an oasis.

Winds Whisper from the West: WSW at 7 km/h

Winds are behaving today, gently whispering from the WSW at a mere 7 km/h. It’s almost like they’re apologizing for the cold!

Friday Forecast: Sun Soaked, Zero Degrees, and a Dash of Wind

Friday promises to be a sun-soaked day with zero degrees as the high. But don’t be fooled; the morning wind chill will be a teeth-chattering -19. UV index: 1 or low.

Tonight: From Clear to Partly Cloudy at -10°C

Tonight, the skies will transition from clear to partly cloudy as the temperature drops to -10°C. Wind chill will hover around -5 in the evening and plummet to -16 overnight.

Saturday: Another Sunny Delight with a Zero Hero

Saturday keeps the sunshine streak alive with highs at zero. But brace yourself for a morning wind chill of -16. The sun may be out, but so are the chills!

Sunday: Sun-Kissed and Reaching for Plus 4°C

Sunday is the hero we’ve been waiting for, with sun-kissed skies and highs reaching for plus 4°C. Say goodbye to the cold and hello to a beautiful day!

Nighttime: Clear Skies and Minus 4°C

Sunday night continues the trend with clear skies and a low of minus 4°C. A perfect night to cozy up with a warm blanket.

So, Thunder Bay, whether you’re bundling up for the morning chill or basking in the sun, enjoy your weekend with a smile and a cup of steaming hot cocoa!

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