Confederation College Celebrates Success of Career Sampler Camps

Confederation College Celebrates Success of Career Sampler Camps

THUNDER BAY – LIVING – Confederation College is thrilled to announce the success of its Career Sampler summer camps that took place throughout the month of July.  The four, week-long  camps were designed to inspire and educate young minds about a multitude of career prospects.

The Career Sampler themed weeks full-day, interactive and exploratory sessions that offered campers a unique opportunity to delve into various professions and industries in a hands-on, engaging, and inspiring environment. Themes included culinary, photography, filmmaking, video game design, animation, and environmental science and technology.

“Seeing the camps reach their capacity, and watching the fun students had with activities the past few weeks was a testament to the value they hold for our youth and the community,” says Susann Danenas, Program Officer with the college’s Continuing Education department. “It’s been a fantastic opportunity for youth to explore different career paths in a fun and educational setting.”

Not only did the camps provide a platform for the youth to explore and understand different career paths, but they also instilled a sense of curiosity, self-confidence, and aspiration in the campers. Youth left the camps with a better awareness of their potential, and perhaps a clearer vision of their future career paths. Danenas said that encouraging feedback from the students, and keeping the atmosphere fun and interactive made for a great learning experience.

“I wanted to ensure youth feel comfortable, engaged, and welcome in our college atmosphere so they will not be intimidated to come on campus . I also wanted to showcase our hands on learning opportunities in an inclusive and welcoming environment.”

The College looks forward to hosting the Career Samplers camps again next year, with the hope of inspiring and educating even more youth about the myriad career opportunities available to them.

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