Fort Frances – Get Set to Slather on the Sunscreen with a High of 27

After care for spring

Today: Cloudy, Smoky and Sparky – High 27

Good day, folks! Our weather today is spicing it up a little. We’ve got a cocktail of sun and clouds, with a 40% chance of afternoon showers, and an exciting chance of a thunderstorm. It’s going to be smoky in the morning, just enough to make the sunbeams look like something out of a painting. With the mercury hitting 27, and a humidex of 32, it’s going to feel as tropical as a day in the Caribbean, but without the beach. And remember, the UV index is 7, so don’t forget to lather on that sunscreen!

Tonight: A Partly Cloudy Affair – Low 12

When night falls, the clouds will hold a 40% chance of showers early on. However, they’ll soon clear up, leaving us with a crisp, clear night. There’s also a risk of a thunderstorm early in the evening, just to add a bit of excitement to your night-time routine. With a low of 12, it’s going to be a perfect evening for a cozy gathering under the stars.

Tue, 25 Jul: Sunny, Rainy, All at Once – High 30

Looking ahead to Tuesday, the weather can’t quite make up its mind, so it’s decided to go with a mix of sun and cloud, with a 30% chance of showers. Highs are shooting up to 30, so it’s another tropical day minus the ocean breeze.

Tomorrow Night: The Forecast Is…

Want to know what the weather has in store for Tuesday night? Stay tuned for the next update and we’ll reveal all. Until then, keep guessing!

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Stay safe, and enjoy the weather rollercoaster, folks! Keep your eyes on the skies, and your ears on our news!

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