June 20, 2023 – Northeast District Wildfire Update: 20 Active Fires

Wildfire Update

Current Situation in Northeast District

Sault Ste Marie – Wildfire Update – The Northeast Region is currently experiencing 20 active fires. A new fire has been confirmed in the Northeast Region on the early evening of June 20.

Cochrane 15 is located 1 kilometre northwest of Attawapiskat. The fire covers an area of 0.1 hectares and is not yet under control.

Fires of Note

Several fires in the region continue to pose significant challenges:

  • Chapleau 3: A wildland fire covering 3,916 hectares, located 2 km south of October Lake and 2.5 km west of Vichaw Lake. It remains uncontrolled.
  • Chapleau 6: This fire spans 1,228 hectares and is situated 2.5 km west of Morin Lake and 1 km east of Bolkow Lake. It is currently not under control.
  • Cochrane 6: Covering an area of 1,239 hectares, this wildland fire is located 9 km west of Lake Abitibi and 1 km east of Marathon Lake. The fire is holding along cat guards, roads, and natural boundaries.
  • Cochrane 7: A significant fire, spanning 10,719 hectares, situated northeast of Lake Abitibi and 7 km southwest of Joe Lake. It remains uncontrolled, with heavy equipment being utilized for suppression efforts.
  • Kirkland Lake 5: This fire covers an area of 2,300 hectares and is located north of Lady Evelyn Lake. Helicopters have been assigned to assist with containment efforts.
  • Sudbury 10: Originally mapped at 1,370 hectares, this fire is situated 3 km west of Fox Lake and 5 km east of Acheson Lake. It remains uncontrolled.
  • Sudbury 17: Covering 5,857 hectares, this wildland fire is located 3 km west of Madawanson Lake and 0.5 km east of Pilot Lake. Multiple crews are committed to its containment.
  • Sudbury 19: This fire spans 459 hectares and is located south of Shakwa Lake and 1 km west of Lower Shakwa Lake. It is currently being held.
  • Timmins 7: A fire covering 149 hectares, situated 0.3 km northeast of Ahsine Lake. It is currently being held, with crews working on the east flank.
  • Wawa 3: This fire, which was confirmed on May 27, spans 6,678 hectares. It is located south of Trent Lake and Round Lake, as well as 5 km northwest of Duffy Lake. It is currently being held.

Fire Hazard and Restrictions

The fire hazard in the Northeast Region ranges from high to extreme. Stay informed about fire hazard conditions in your area through the Interactive Map.

An Implementation Order has been issued for the Sudbury District. Travel, use, and access restrictions are now in effect to ensure public safety and effective fire suppression. For detailed information and a list of affected areas, refer to the Implementation Order map or contact the Sudbury District Office.

Restricted Fire Zone

Due to the extreme forest fire hazard, a Restricted Fire Zone remains in effect for several districts, including Hearst/Cochrane/Kapuskasing, Chapleau/Wawa, Timmins/Kirkland Lake, Sault Ste Marie/Blind River, Sudbury, North Bay, Minden/Parry Sound/Bracebridge, Pembroke, a northern portion of the Peterborough/Bancroft District, and the southeastern portion of the Far North District.

Open air burning, including campfires, is strictly prohibited within the Restricted Fire Zone

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