Inquest into the Death of Emmanuel Oruitemeka Set for July 2023

Thunder Bay Police Service Headquarters

Investigation to Examine Circumstances Surrounding 2014 Death in Police Custody

THUNDER BAY – Dr. David Cameron, Regional Supervising Coroner for Inquests, has officially announced the inquest into the death of Emmanuel Oruitemeka is to begin on July 4, 2023. The inquest, expected to last seven days, will be presided over by Dr. Bob Reddoch with Julian Roy and Uko Abara serving as inquest counsel.

Emmanuel Oruitemeka, aged 25 at the time of his death, passed away in hospital on February 16, 2014, four days after collapsing while being held in police custody in Thunder Bay. The circumstances of his death have led to public interest and concern, making the inquest a mandatory procedure under the Coroners Act.

The inquest will focus on the circumstances surrounding Mr. Oruitemeka’s death. Approximately 14 witnesses are expected to testify during the proceedings. One of the key objectives of the inquest is to formulate recommendations that could potentially prevent similar deaths from happening in the future.

Given the ongoing public health considerations, the inquest will be conducted via video conference. The proceedings will be accessible to the public through a live link, allowing anyone interested to follow the inquest in real-time. Those wishing to view the proceedings can do so at the provided link:

This inquest represents a significant step in examining the circumstances of Mr. Oruitemeka’s death and potentially informing changes in policy or procedure that could save lives in the future. The findings and recommendations from the inquest are anticipated with interest by both the local community and justice advocates nationwide.

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