MFNM Celebrates Recipients Awarded WINU Meritorious Doctorates of Education

MFNM Celebrates Recipients Awarded WINU Meritorious Doctorates of Education

THUNDER BAY, ON: Matawa First Nations Management (MFNM) today celebrated the granting of four (4) recipients awarded Meritorious Doctorates of Education (Hon. Ed) in Indigenous Education by the World Indigenous Nations University (WINU).

Recipients included: MFNM Chief Executive Officer David Paul Achneepineskum, Matawa Education Department Executive Director Sharon Nate, Matawa Waka Tere’s Indigenous Language Specialists Aroha Watene and Mike Graham who are both Maori citizens of Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Conferring the doctorates were Dr. Neville J. King, Acting Chancellor, WINU Aotearoa and Dr. Leah Fitzpatrick, Acting Vice Chancellor, Academic WINU Aotearoa who also made an announcement regarding WINU accreditation. A keynote address was provided by Dr. Rongo H Wetere, Vice-Chancellor, WINU Canada.

Those receiving these prestigious credentials are considered for worthy individuals for their many years of service to the protection, preservation, and progression of Indigenous education and Indigenous language revitalization at the community, national and/or international levels. Respected by their people, the recipients are being acknowledged as Keepers of Indigenous Knowledge that may or may not have been recognized by mainstream universities.

A backgrounder on WINU conferring these awards can be found: here.

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