Treasure Exchange Days Are Back This Month!

Treasure Exchange

THUNDER BAY – LIVING – The beloved Treasure Exchange Days are making a comeback this month, offering residents a chance to divert waste from the landfill while finding new homes for their still-usable items. The popular event encourages the exchange of good-condition items such as household items, furniture, small appliances, toys, and much more—all for free.

Residents keen on participating can set their items labelled “free” on the curb any time after 5 pm on Friday, June 16. Following this, they are invited to tour their neighbourhoods over the weekend—June 17 and 18—to discover and pick up items left by others.

All items that have not been taken by the end of the event must be removed from the curb by 7 pm on Sunday, June 18. Please note that the Solid Waste & Recycling Services will not collect these items.

Initiated in 2014, Treasure Exchange Days is a key action item in the City’s Solid Waste Management Strategy. This initiative not only promotes recycling but also fosters community connections as residents stroll through their neighbourhoods in the hunt for ‘treasure’.

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