Bracing for the Cold: Frost Advisory Issued for Thunder Bay with Tips to Safeguard Your Greenery

Frost is greeting most people across the region this morning.
Frost advisory in effect for tonight

THUNDER BAY – WEATHER – The City of Thunder Bay is bracing for frost conditions which could pose a serious threat to crops, particularly those grown in areas known for susceptibility to frost. Temperatures are projected to descend near or possibly below freezing as the night progresses into the dawn of Thursday. This sudden drop in temperatures can be catastrophic for outdoor plants and agricultural crops if they aren’t appropriately protected.

The impending frost isn’t just a threat to commercial crops but can also potentially harm domestic gardens, particularly the ones housing frost-sensitive plants. Plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and other warm-season vegetables can be severely damaged or even killed by frost.

Covering your plants is one of the most effective methods to combat the frost. Gardeners are advised to cover their plants with frost cloths, old bed sheets, burlap, or even plastic sheets. However, avoid letting the material come into direct contact with the foliage, as it could cause damage when temperatures drop. Instead, use stakes or frames to create a small greenhouse effect. It’s best to cover plants in the late afternoon to trap any residual heat.

Watering your plants can also help protect them against the frost. Wet soil retains heat better than dry soil, protecting roots and warming air near the soil. Ensure you water the plants thoroughly in the afternoon so that the water has enough time to soak deep down into the soil.

For gardeners with potted plants, moving them indoors or to a more sheltered location would be a viable option. If the plants are too big or too heavy, cluster your potted plants together. This could help create a warmer microclimate.

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