NOSM University Taking Swift Action to Address Cyber Disruption on Campus

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Steps Taken to Secure Network and Data as NOSM University Works Towards Resolution

THUNDER BAY – NEWS – NOSM University has been grappling with a campus-wide service disruption caused by a cyber incident that was detected on Wednesday, May 17, 2023. As a result, both Sudbury and Thunder Bay campuses are experiencing internet unavailability, and various university websites, shared drives, departmental drives, and services remain inaccessible.

Upon discovering the issue, NOSM University staff promptly took immediate action to secure and safeguard the network and critical data and sought the assistance of experts to guide them through the next steps in resolving the situation.

Dr. Sarita Verma, President, Vice-Chancellor, Dean, and CEO of NOSM University, empathized with the frustration experienced by staff, faculty, and students, acknowledging the multitude of questions arising from this disruption. She assured the NOSM community that the university is diligently addressing the matter, focusing on mitigating risks and ensuring business continuity.

To minimize further impact and facilitate ongoing operations, employees and learners are advised to work remotely unless their physical presence on campus is necessary for student support or other essential activities.

NOSM University is actively working towards restoring critical systems to full functionality as quickly as possible. While the incident is still being addressed in its early stages, the university remains committed to resolving the disruption and returning to normalcy.

Cybersecurity incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of robust security measures and proactive measures to safeguard networks and sensitive data. NOSM University is dedicated to fortifying its systems to prevent future cyber incidents and protect the university community’s information.

As the situation evolves, NOSM University will provide further updates and guidance to ensure the NOSM community remains informed and supported during this challenging time.

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