May 19, 2023: Northwest Fire Region Updates: No New Fires Reported, Low to Moderate Hazard

Wildfire Update

THUNDER BAY – Wildfire Update – Northwest Region – In the latest update from the Northwest Region’s firefighting efforts, it has been confirmed that no new fires have been reported as of early Friday evening. This news brings some relief to the region, as the fire situation remains under control for the time being. The current hazard level throughout the Northwest Region is categorized as low to moderate.

For residents who want to stay informed about fire hazard conditions in their specific areas, the Interactive Map provides a closer look at the situation.

Importance of Following Outdoor Burning Regulations

Aviation, Forest Fire, and Emergency Services emphasize the need for caution when engaging in any outdoor burning activities. It is strongly recommended to explore alternative methods of disposing yard waste and woody debris, such as composting or utilizing local landfills. However, if burning is necessary, it is crucial to adhere to Ontario’s Outdoor Burning Regulations.

These regulations specify that fires should only be ignited no earlier than two hours before sunset and extinguished no later than two hours after sunrise. Additionally, individuals must have adequate tools and water on-site to effectively contain the fire. Familiarizing oneself with the rules for safe outdoor burning is essential, and the complete set of Outdoor Burning Regulations should be consulted for comprehensive guidance.

Reporting Wildland Fires

To report a wildland fire located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, dial 310-FIRE (3473). On the other hand, if the fire is located south of the French or Mattawa rivers, dial 911 to ensure prompt response from the authorities.

As the situation evolves, it is crucial for residents to remain vigilant and stay updated on any changes or developments regarding the wildfire status in the Northwest Region. Adhering to safety regulations and promptly reporting any potential fire incidents are vital steps in maintaining the well-being and protection of our communities.

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