Meet Princess April – An Aspiring Asian Model, Content Creator, and Traveler


    Being a part of the entertainment world can be tricky and challenging for most individuals. While every aspect of the industry has its own set of difficulties, the world of modeling is undoubtedly one of the most cutthroat branches of entertainment. Making a name for yourself in the modeling world can be challenging. Princess April is one such model who has pursued her passions with a lot of hard work and commitment. As a 45-year-old Asian model, she has more than a few years of modeling experience under her belt and shows no signs of stopping.

    Despite the glamorous life she lives now, April grew up a simple girl with a loving and supportive family. Though her initial plan had been to start her career as a model, she also found a passion in healthcare. Despite juggling both aspects of her life as a model and medical coding manager, April has built quite a reputation for herself as a hard-working and dedicated individual. It is a true testament to her parents’ upbringing, which led her to strive for success and pushed her to work passionately and with a strong sense of ethics.

    While starting with small gigs, April soon found her niche – car modeling. She has worked as a car model since March 2022 at the Ark Movement event. Time and time again, during different photo shoots and car-related events, April has demonstrated her ability to portray cars in an entirely new light, one that can be perceived professionally and in a way that has captivated an audience over the past few months.

    Because of her career as a model, April has had a lot of opportunities to travel, and given her desire to explore and see the world, it is not surprising that she has enjoyed every second of it. She has had the chance to visit and explore exciting new places while simultaneously working on creating content for her various social media platforms, such as Instagram and her own personal site.

    One of the most pivotal moments in her career as a model came when she was dubbed a Flirty Bunny on the Playboy Centerfold creator platform. It is a dream come true for April, not only as a person of Asian descent but also because she is one step closer to fulfilling her wish to inspire others through her dedication and perseverance. She motivates everyone to live their dreams and accomplish what they never thought possible, no matter what point of life they may be standing at or what they might be going through.

    If you wish to learn more about April, then click here.

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