The Notty Chef’s New Online Show is Taking the Food World by Storm – Exclusively on MYCOMEUP!”


    Jordan Billham, also known as “The Notty Chef,” is making a name for himself in the food industry with his innovative recipes and unique cooking style. And now, he’s taking the food world by storm with his new online show, “The Munch Club.”

    Premiering last month on MYCOMEUP, “The Munch Club” has quickly become a must-watch for foodies and cooking enthusiasts alike. In each episode, Jordan is on a mission to discover some of Britain’s best foods in some of the least pretentious places, accompanied by his two best friends, Omah and Euan. With distinctly different tastes and opinions, Jordan trusts them to help inspire a whole new way of cooking, one culinary challenge at a time.
    But what sets “The Munch Club” apart from other cooking shows is Jordan’s infectious personality and signature style. His witty humor and engaging storytelling make each episode not only informative but also entertaining.

    From whipping up delicious comfort food to experimenting with bold flavors and ingredients, Jordan’s passion for food is palpable in every episode. And with a new episode dropping every week, viewers can’t get enough of “The Munch Club.”
    So, if you’re a foodie or just love good food, be sure to check out “The Munch Club” exclusively on MYCOMEUP. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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