Surat based XLNC Perfumery offers variety of fragrances for every mood and occasion


    Mustafa Bharmal, founder of the Surat-based company XLNC Perfumery, is on a mission to empower Indian consumers with access to luxury fragrances at a fraction of the cost. His disruptive approach to the fragrance market has created a new wave of scent lovers who no longer need to compromise on quality due to budget constraints.

    In a market where luxury perfumes have long been the domain of the affluent, XLNC Perfumery’s affordable alternatives are shaking up the status quo. Their budget-friendly scents, inspired by iconic brands like Chanel, Dior, and YSL, are expanding the reach of high-quality fragrances to a wider demographic in India.

    Beyond replicating popular luxury scents, XLNC Perfumery has also gained recognition for its innovative products that cater to unique consumer needs. Among them is the Perfume Enhancer, a revolutionary solution that prolongs the life of a fragrance when applied to the skin. Additionally, the Gem Collection showcases the brand’s ingenuity, offering a set of six versatile perfumes for various occasions, all at an accessible price point of just 2,000 INR.

    XLNC Perfumery’s impact on the fragrance market is not going unnoticed. The company has already sold over 200,000 products and is poised for further growth. The brand’s success is fueling plans to expand its reach through the opening of new stores across the country, making their wallet-friendly luxury scents even more accessible to the Indian population.

    This expansion comes at a crucial time, as the Indian fragrance market is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand. With a growing middle class eager for luxury experiences, XLNC Perfumery is well-positioned to cater to this burgeoning segment.

    In conclusion, XLNC Perfumery’s trailblazing efforts to democratize the fragrance market in India are garnering widespread attention and support. The company’s focus on affordable luxury, coupled with its innovative products and plans for expansion, signals a new era in the Indian perfume landscape. Mustafa Bharmal’s vision for XLNC Perfumery is empowering a new generation of scent lovers and reshaping the fragrance market for the better.

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