How to choose a summer camp in Singapore for a child: tips and tricks

    How to choose a summer camp in Singapore for a child: tips and tricks

    Summer holidays are a great time for your child to take a break from the school routine and gain new knowledge and skills. One way to do this is to send your child to summer camp. Singapore offers a wide variety of camps for children where they can learn new things and have fun. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a summer camp in Singapore such as Maker for your child, what to look for and what options the city has to offer. 

    Maker – is a children’s camp in Singapore. What activities does the camp offer for your child:

    • Basic Programming
    • circuit modeling
    • Coding
    • creativity
    • Engineering
    • Imagination
    • inventory
    • Lego EV3 and WeDo
    • Robotics
    • 3D Modeling

    Camp buildings are located in 4 locations: in the west, east, center and novena. The minimum age for a child is 5 years and the maximum is 14. All contacts can be found on the official website.

    Determine your child’s interests and needs

    First of all, you need to determine what exactly your child would like to learn or experience at the camp. Singapore has camps for every taste and interest: sports, creative, scientific, adventure, language and many others. Discuss with your child his interests and preferences to choose the right camp.

    Explore Options

    Make a list of camps that offer programs that suit your child’s interests. Then do your research: read reviews from other parents, visit camp sites and social media. Find out about the schedule, duration of the program, cost and additional services such as meals, transport and accommodation (if the camp includes overnight stays).

    Consider the child’s age and experience

    When choosing a camp, consider the age of your child and his experience of participating in such events. Some camps offer programs for certain age groups and your child may have restrictions on participation. If this is your first camp experience, consider options with short-term programs so your child can get used to the new environment.

    Evaluate the safety and quality of the camp

    The safety of the child must come first. Make sure the camp you choose provides a safe and healthy environment for the kids. Ask for information about the qualifications of instructors and teachers, as well as the measures taken to ensure the safety of participants. Pay attention to the availability of medical care in the camp and to provide an individual approach to each child.

    Compare the cost and conditions

    The cost of the camp can vary significantly depending on the program, duration, comfort level and additional services. Compare the cost of different camps, taking into account the services offered and the quality of the program. Remember that an inexpensive camp does not always mean low quality, and vice versa, an expensive camp does not guarantee a high result.

    Ask questions

    Feel free to ask questions to the camp organizers. Specify the details of the program, conditions of accommodation and meals, transportation, as well as the possibility of making changes to the schedule or canceling participation. The more information you get, the better you can make an informed decision about choosing a camp.

    Register in advance

    The popular camps fill up quickly, so it’s a good idea to book in advance. By registering early, you can avoid stress and secure a place at your chosen camp for your child.


    Choosing a summer camp in Singapore for a child is a responsible and important step. Consider your child’s interests and needs, explore available options, compare costs and conditions, and pay attention to the safety and quality of the program. Choosing the right camp will help your child spend an unforgettable and educational vacation, gain new skills and knowledge, and make new friends.

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