Expert in Education: Dr. Brenda Joseph-Juste’s Story of Improving Student’s Reading and Math Scores


    Success is truly earned when one is able to contribute and give back to the society that aided them achieve success. Especially in the case of education, where you need individuals who pave the way for you to enter a practical and stable career seamlessly. Meet Dr. Brenda Joseph-Juste, a highly-skilled educator with a diverse teaching and leadership background dedicated to helping students excel academically and enter the world of work.

    Dr. Juste has a Bachelor’s degree from Saint Thomas University in Human Service with a minor in Elementary Education, a Master’s degree in Exceptional Student Education, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a concentration in reading from Nova Southeastern University. Her learning experiences made her understand how education works and what students need help with to move forward academically.

    She has worked as a teacher, reading director, math, science, reading coach, and curriculum specialist, earning sufficient experience in the world of education. Her strong track record of improving many students’ reading and math scores has earned her the title of the “Reading and Math Doctor” in the community. Even her dissertation is focused on evaluating the Houghton Mifflin reading program and assessing its effectiveness in improving students’ reading scores.

    Dr. Juste’s passion for education led her to open her own school and center, Meagan’s Academic Tutorial Center, where she offers a wide range of services to improve study skills, test preparation, and homework assistance, as well as offer coding and one-on-one tutoring for students who want to learn additional skills.

    The center is laser-focused on promoting the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking(F.A.S.T), SAT preparation, technology-based learning, study, and test-taking skills. The center also provides Winter, Spring, and Summer camps and is a twelve-month operation, meaning it always keeps its doors open when it comes to giving opportunities. Meagan’s Academic Tutorial Center’s goal is to ensure all parents are smiling and happy and students leave school having learned something valuable.

    Her goal is to positively impact the community and grow and expand Meagan’s Academic Tutorial Center. Struggling in reading and math as a child and trying to reach out for assistance, Dr. Juste is driven and motivated to make a difference in the lives of students struggling with the same issues. Understanding the importance of tailored learning, she is busy providing a supportive environment for students to help them excel academically.

    Dr. Juste is dedicated to aiding students reach their goals. She offers them reading, writing, and math-related assistance, and she ensures that her students are prepared to enter college and, later, the world of work. Taking matters into her own hands, Dr. Juste is indeed expanding on her knowledge and creating a safe space for students all over the States.



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