Andrei Morozov’s AutoFX Broker bridges the gap between traders and investors.


    AutoFX arises as a one-of-a-kind Broker in the vast and ever-evolving DeFi space specializing in the automation of different trading strategies.

    Isn’t it astounding to learn and read more about all those brands, businesses and platforms that have something new and more valuable to offer their target demographic? Well, the world has witnessed the rise of several successful businesses and platforms across industries, but among them, a few stand tall and unique, for they believe in adding more value to the lives of the ones they cater to or serve. To do that in the ever-so-evolving and vast digital financial industry has never been an easy ride for anyone, but it is growing platforms and Brokers like AutoFX Broker that have been changing the game of DeFi for the better. AutoFX Broker, under the leadership of CEO Andrei Morozov, has created the perfect environment for automation.

    AutoFX is all about specializing in the automation of different trading strategies, paving the way for more modern-day technologies in the DeFi space that today are the need of the hour for offering easy, efficient and specialized services to people in terms of crypto, CFD and more. Since not all have been able to make the most of the DeFi space as they lack the right knowledge, they choose to leave their money with profitable traders offering their strategy to copy. AutoFX allows investors to do the same by placing their funds into the hands of professionals. The Broker based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has come a long way in the industry already, with more and more investors relying on the same to get things automated in trading.

    The platform has also gained more recognition for its multi-level affiliate system valid on all the strategies offered so that people can earn by recommending their favourite strategies to others. Beginners can also open a demo account with them without any limits, where professional traders offer them their strategy through a PAMM account or copy trading. With a standard account, people can trade themselves, and with the investment account, they can invest in one or more strategies offered by AutoFX or one of its partners.

    AutoFX ( gives people the opportunity to invest in Forex and different CFDs (indexes, commodities) with low transaction costs, highlights Andrei Morozov, which also helps investors create their own sweet journey to growth, greater financial health and success.



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