Nichole Magana on Inspiring and Helping People to Achieve More


    When you traverse life’s adversities and come out triumphant at the other end, there is an innate need to motivate people through your story and show them what they’re capable of doing and becoming. If you can do it, they can too. Nichole Magana – an entrepreneur, content creator, and hairstylist – is a woman of many inspiring characteristics who doesn’t shy away from challenges. Throughout her life, she faced several obstacles but powered through them and now aims to inspire others, especially children, to do the same.

    Growing up amidst financial struggles, Nichole, aka Choley, had limited resources, which also impacted her personality. For the whole of her childhood and adolescence, she remained a quiet and introverted soul, but eventually, she allowed herself to break her shell and put her creative mind to use, altering the course of her life.

    To pay off her tuition fee, Nichole started a hairstyling business from her dorm and created hair oil as well. In 2021, a couple of years after graduating college, Nichole moved to Atlanta to turn her dream into a reality – becoming a successful hairstylist and building her own empire. Moving to a new place was difficult, but Nichole loves a good challenge. Flashforward to the present, she has founded Crowned by Chole and is a renowned hairstylist and loctician in North Druid Hills, Georgia.

    Undoubtedly, dedication leads to long-term success. Nichole’s grit and determination for her passion led her to achieve greatness and improve her life. While building her hair empire, she also started content creation through different social media platforms. Currently, she has 24K subscribers on YouTube and 81K followers on Instagram, platforms she uses to post content on hair, self-love, and inspiring people to believe in themselves.

    Because of her circumstances and limited opportunities, Nichole knows what it is like to be left behind. But she believes that instead of living the life that one is given, there is a chance to mold it according to our wants and ambitions. Nichole wants people to take her as an inspiration and break free from their hurdles. In addition, she wants to create a non-profit organization that centers around assisting children in exploring their passions and building successful careers.

    Nichole is a jack of all trades, dedicated to making her life better and others’. She is a living example of how hard work and courage are all you need to fight life’s battles successfully.

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