Pages from Canada’s Story: March 6


Thunder Bay – Living – My Grade 9 History teacher at Samsone Junior High School always said “You either learn history or you will have to repeat it”.

On March 6 in Canadian history:

1836 – Upper Canada and Lower Canada were united into the Province of Canada.

1843 – The city of Toronto was incorporated.

1867 – The British North America Act received Royal Assent in London, officially creating the Dominion of Canada, which consisted of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

1944 – The Royal Canadian Air Force successfully conducted a bombing raid on Berlin during World War II.

1974 – The CN Tower in Toronto was completed, becoming the tallest free-standing structure in the world at the time.

1986 – The Progressive Conservative Party, led by Brian Mulroney, won a landslide victory in the federal election, defeating the Liberal Party led by Prime Minister John Turner.

2001 – The Canadian Alliance Party, led by Stockwell Day, merged with the Progressive Conservative Party, forming the Conservative Party of Canada.

2015 – The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that physician-assisted dying is legal in Canada, paving the way for legislation to be enacted allowing for medically assisted death in certain circumstances.