Pierre Ny St-Amand Faces First Degree Murder Charges


LAVAL – A horrific tragedy has rocked the Quebec city of Laval when a 51-year-old man drove a city bus into a local daycare center. Two children were killed, while six more were injured and hospitalized. One adult was also sent to hospital with shock.

The suspect, Pierre Ny St-Amand, was taken into custody and has since been charged with first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault, four counts of assault causing bodily harm, and attempted murder.

Witnesses reported the suspect emerged from the bus yelling incoherently and removed his clothing, before being subdued by several bystanders and then arrested by police. At the time of the crash, several children remained trapped by the vehicle.

The community of Laval is in shock and mourning, as people across the country struggle to make sense of the tragedy. Local authorities have launched an investigation into what happened, and are offering support and counselling services to those affected by the incident.

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