The Founder of Catering HQ, Steve Sidd, on the Technicalities of Operating in the Catering Industry


    Ensuring your catering is sympathetic to your venue, relevant, and financially sustainable is crucial for success, which is why you could benefit from a specialist catering consultant to advise and support you. Steve Sidd is one such consultant recognized nationally for being  among the best in hospitality. “We don’t want to be the biggest; we want to be the best at what we do,” says Steve.

    One fine day, Steve learned about a club on the Northern Beaches in Sydney where the restaurant was not doing well. He thought of offering to take over the catering for them. He knew it was time for them to update their business plan. After all, if there was one thing that he has learned on his journey is how an excellent business plan that includes priorities, milestones, and expected results can go a long way. In the same vein, he jumped right in and approached them with a bold plan – and it worked. He took over the catering side of the club and transformed it from a failing business that was unlikely to recover to a great club.

    Australia has many options for people to relax, unwind, and hang out. The country is known for its fun-loving and laid-back nature. Hence, there is plenty of entertainment there. They are strict believers in hard partying. Naturally, the number of pubs and nightclubs is at an all-time high. To keep the glamor of the Australian clubs running, Steve takes care of behind-the-scenes processes – catering. He takes pride in turning every event into an occasion with his award-winning catering services, often operating many concepts and venues within a single club.

    Under the umbrella of Catering HQ, Steve heads up the highly successful boutique catering business. It is a professional, fun, and energetic catering business specializing in pubs, clubs, and significant and high-end events. Catering HQ has over 60 venues, from the rustic Cafe to Yum Cha at Bamboo Blossom Cuisine, and function venues from the intimate to the extravagant.

    As a Group Managing Director, Steve has personally witnessed the redevelopment of 26 dining concepts and 40+ event and function spaces. In addition, he has over 350 employees. Every single one of these sites carries exceptional value for him, and he has tailored the services of Catering HQ to the individual preferences and needs of the customers.

    “People buy from people they like and can relate to,” says Adrian Miller. Steve is personally involved in every part – design, food, and staff training of Catering HQ. He is not the kind of entrepreneur who relies on others to do the main work. He likes to do everything by himself and take risks for his team.

    It’s been a challenging year for the catering industry as it grapples with the pandemic and staff shortages. So, it was essential to recognize and celebrate the vibrant industry and caterers’ hard work. In light of this, Steve was given the award for the Most Outstanding Corporate Catering Service Provider 2021 – Australia | Global Excellence, Finalist Restaurant & Catering NSW Best Function Caterer, Finalist Restaurant & Catering NSW Best Venue Caterer, Finalist Restaurant & Catering NSW Best Wedding Caterer, and Finalist Restaurant & Catering NSW Best Site Caterer.


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