Byron Rodgers’ Journey from Military to Owning His Private Security Firm


    “It is not the destination but the journey that matters” is a common phare used when talking about someone’s life and the trials they went through to get to the top. Seeing someone achieve all their goals and objectives is beautiful, but little is known about how they got there and what motivated them to get to the summit. Ex-military Byron Rodgers has a rocky journey of hardships and transformation as a talented protection specialist who is a protector by nature and trade.

    Rodgers had a very turbulent past and always had to bounce back and forth between divorced parents. He was born in the Bahamas and lived there with his parents until their divorce. An ugly battle between his parents over custody resulted in a tumultuous situation where Rodgers had to spend the summers in the Bahamas with his father and the winters in Washington with his mother. He always found himself an outsider because kids in the Bahamas would think of him as a weak American, while Washington was a predominantly white neighbourhood where he would be judged for his skin colour.

    Growing up, he wanted to join the Marines, but his parents wouldn’t let him. Regardless, he joined the Marines and started his career in the military. He was posted in Iraq, where he experienced ruthless bombing scenarios firsthand on several occasions. The last time was when he got caught up in a blast where the bomb had been concocted with homemade explosives, which was when he had a near-death experience. In that dire moment, Rodgers prayed to God to give him another chance to live his life right, which was bestowed upon him.

    He survived and left the United states marine corps infantry to start his life back in America. He had to work as a bouncer initially, A Job he frequently mentions as one of the best education for the private security industry. However, within three months, he stepped into executive protection. His first mission was on a high-level international team, where he worked with that team and served seven years as a bodyguard. Rodgers wanted to do more than just be a bodyguard, so after seven years in the industry, he left the job and began to look for more challenging opportunities and a better lifestyle.

    After achieving success as an international Executive protection agent in SoCal, Byron looked for new challenges. He moved to the east coast to enter the industry from the other coast and be closer to his father in Florida for the first time. He found himself at the top of the game in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in a few short years, only to meet with his old client from California. After moving back to CA at a client’s request, Rodgers became the primary service provider of executive protection to a few families in that state. This launched his empire as a CEO, starting with his boutique private security firm Bravo Research Group. With this company, he provides services and solutions for High-net worth families, VIPs, houses of worship, and schools, such as executive protection, manpower, training, and consulting.

    Rodgers also launched Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast to introduce the private protection industry to the world. He also holds a training weekend called Protector Symposium by Protector Nation, where he teaches and trains personnel in hard and soft skills needed in the field. His latest product in the market is The League Of Executive Protection Specialists, where he trains protectors in an 18-day module that covers various topics and imparts the complete training needed for a professional protector.

    Rodgers is determined to help veterans, prior law enforcement officers, and civilians get into the executive protection industry. He is focused on offering opportunities to people looking for a purpose in life. There is more to come for Rodgers since he still has many plans and projects up his sleeve for the future. With his help and business ideas, he is making this world better and safer.

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