COVID-19 Vaccine

Canada continues to face the effects of viruses and bacteria. Flu season arrived early with a vengeance and has hit children and those more vulnerable especially hard.

GermStopSQ has been issued a Notice of Compliance by Health Canada and granted a Drug Identification Number, making Good Theorem the first to launch a residual* disinfectant that keeps killing 99.999% of bacteria and 99.9% of Human Coronavirus 229E for 24 hours, making it the first of its kind on the market.

Disinfectants currently on the market provide no lasting disinfecting protection against harmful germs that contribute to the spread of viruses and bacteria. After a surface is cleaned it can be immediately re-contaminated – until now.

After years of research and support from various levels of government, including the Department of National Defense, Good Theorem was able to successfully bring to market a residual disinfectant that would break industry barriers.

“GermStopSQ has been a long time coming and now as the first and only product of its kind with a Health Canada DIN designation, we are excited to offer it nationwide,” said Jared March, CEO, Good Theorem. “We have seen the rise in flu and COVID cases, especially among children. By using GermStopSQ companies can now add a layer of protection that will help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses in any school, facility, office, or hospital in a way no other cleaning product or disinfectant can do.”

GermStopSQ is truly unique in its residual disinfectant that was tested under the U.S. EPA Interim Method, and it keeps killing 99.999% of bacteria and 99.9% of Human Coronavirus 229E for 24 hours. But its benefits don’t stop there:

A powerful clean
A liquid disinfectant that is Healthcare-grade and a Broad-spectrum virucide.  This makes it perfect for hospitals, medical offices, schools, offices, and stores.

Saves time + labour
Only needs to be applied to a surface once a day for continuous protection, reducing cost and re-contamination on high touch surfaces.

Promotes comfort + safety
Employees, customers and guests can now have the reassurance that applied surfaces are always protected from Bacteria and Human Coronavirus 229E.

“I’m always looking for innovative, smart, and cutting-edge opportunities to invest in and support. I am particularly looking for solutions that can help as many people as possible,” stated Joe Mimran, investor, and advisor in Good Theorem. “GermStopSQ solves for all of that.  And the fact that it was created here in Canada and has global potential is certainly something we are all proud of.”

The research and development for GermStopSQ was developed by EnvisionSQ, a company out of Guelph, Ontario. EnvisionSQ is a research and development company that tackles some of the world’s greatest health issues. Its innovative technologies create cleaner, safer environments for families and communities around the world.

How GermStop SQ Works

The high-efficacy liquid starts to kill bacteria and viruses on contact when it is sprayed. After it has dried, a thin invisible coating forms on non-porous, hard surfaces. When that surface becomes contaminated (by someone touching it, or air droplets landing on it), that’s when GermStopSQ goes to work as it attaches to, penetrates, ruptures, and neutralizes the microbe. The coating lasts 24-hours without losing its efficacy, even under conditions of frequent touching and rubbing.

About Good Theorem

Good Therorem seeks out scientific innovation to create meaningful brands with differentiated products. In addition to GermstopSQ, Good Theorem has licensed the rights to products with other technological advances in the cleaning and wellness space that will be introduced to customers in 2023.

SOURCE Good Theorem

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