Psychology of excitement – gambling in our nature

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All people live for pleasure, positive emotions, excitement, and joy. We are subconsciously driven by the strong desire to get this portion of happiness to feel alive and get mental resources for keeping the balance in our body chemistry. For this reason, all our actions can be simply explained as our predetermined natural needs, and even the most insignificant emotions have their reasons and causes.

Gambling excitement is a real phenomenon that remains a topical issue in psychology research. Scientists are trying to explain how deep gambling excitement is rooted in our nature and what factors influence it. People get excited when they see an item at the site “bonus za rejestrację bez depozytu”, their hearts pounding, pupils dilating, and a smile appearing on their faces. It is no coincidence that the Polish gambling market is developing rapidly because the main reason for it is the increased interest of gamblers. Simply put, people themselves generate buzz over casino games, which have become a very popular leisure time activity nowadays.

How history explains the psychology of gambling excitement

First, people were only surrounded by nature, so they were exposed to great dangers from wild animals and risks of different natural hazards every day. Our ancestors were driven by basic hunting instincts to feed their families and not die from hunger. But apart from the natural survival mechanism, first, men perceived hunting as a way to get adrenaline and experience a huge immediate surge of energy, so they were craving this sense of accomplishment stronger every time, which pushed them to take greater risks.   

Later, gambling games also became a favorite pastime activity of our ancestors. Ancient nations took an interest in different exciting games, whose main requirement was to play for real property. People at that time were losing their freedom, homes, cattle, money, jewelry, and other valuable property in exchange for the gambling excitement and rush of adrenaline. By the way, it was a common thing in ancient times.

The nature of this behavioral pattern of our ancestors is also applicable to the gambling thrill of modern people who lack a sense of risk with our calm and smooth life. So the casino allows you to get enough of this feeling, which is its primary service. So, excitement passed from our ancestors is in our blood, and we can hardly resist it. It’s not just about the casino but also about the whole area of things that cause a sense of risk and excitement, from passing exams and starting your own business. But the casino is the easiest and seemingly safest way to experience the risk.

What makes gambling excitement so desirable?

Our everyday life is full of a huge spectrum of emotions. We experience joy, sadness, disappointment, and pleasure and perceive a lot of information from the outer world with our eyes and ears. Our brain creates neural connections every day and remembers the things that make us happy (in more scientific terms, one external stimulus that affects our complex neuro system causes the release of happiness hormones, and our brain tries to recreate each positive reaction by making us repeat the same actions). 

Roughly speaking, this is how a person develops any type of addiction. People crave to get these positive emotions as soon as possible, so no risks cannot hinder this drive. So, here is the list of things that explain why players become so passionate about gambling:

  1. The accessibility of gambling games. The Polish gambling market is so diverse that people can find a wide range of different games for every taste and interest and play them at any time.
  2. The strong desire to get rich. Every person dreams to go from rags to riches, especially after the multiple stories of successful gamblers that worked their way up to the top by playing online casino games, So everyone wants to make a huge fortune, and as a rule, it becomes the main reason why people get addicted to gambling games.
  3. Active advertising of online casinos on the internet. You can find these ads everywhere, and in most cases, curiosity wins. People buy into attractive offerings and promotions like welcome bonuses, click on the links of casino websites and begin their experience as gamblers.
  4. Public slogans like “Who does not risk never gets success”. So people are eager to prove their worthiness and show up their adventurousness and fearlessness.
  5. The way to get away from everyday problems and distress. Everyone deals with tension at work and stress in their personal life in their own way. Immersing yourself in the gaming process save people from falling into depression, so people find it a great method to get positive emotions and entertain themselves. It works like a distraction and helps escape from dull reality.


So, gambling excitement is a special emotional state which changes our brain chemistry as a result of a big surge of positive energy. It is something that forces people to push their limits and achieve great results. Most Polish gamblers are avid players that want to achieve bigger results and become successful. Gambling can have some drawbacks, but the main thing is to stay sane and set the right priorities.

The excitement when it comes to gambling games can become a power that will lead to success, but only when the person knows how to control the situation and be resistant to making reckless decisions.

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