Jason Borkland’s Journey from Family-Owned Auto Business to Joining the Plea to Protect Marine Life


    A career or business that brings meaning to your life and stems from your passion is a blessing not many people have. While there are people who remain attached to working a job that doesn’t serve their soul, there are some who dare to pursue their passions.

    Jason Borkland has a family connection with the automotive industry. His family owns Heritage Body and Frame, one of the premier auto collision centers in the greater Austin area. It was started around thirty years ago by Jason’s father and today is a multiple-location facility. Having worked with his father, fixing cars and providing top-notch workmanship, anyone who knew Jason would have assumed that cars are his passion and the need for speed drives him.

    However, that is not the case. As the owner of his family business, Jason strives to maintain the spectacular brand his father built. He also pursued his life-long passion for diving which led her to explore some of the greatest wonders of the world.

    Road to joining the plea to protect Apex predators 

     Jason always had a knack for adventures, and diving remained one of his favorites. He became a professional diver to help people learn to dive and experience life under the sea. While living his dream, he stumbled onto a new path that unveiled his new purpose in life. The scientific community noticed his exceptional diving skills in challenging waters and led him to work with notable scientists like Randall Arauz and Mauricio Hoyos. Collaboration with these great names got him Costa Rican and Mexican permits to handle large oceanic animals including sharks. He assisted scientists and various projects in researching and documenting pelagic animals.

    His love for life below the waves and wildlife is observed through his photography and videography. He uses imagery to spark conversations around marine conservation and raise issues like shark overfishing and killing on global platforms. His images and videos have been used worldwide by scientists, especially in Costa Rica, to assist in policy change and protect critical areas where these apex predators are endangered. Today, as his work for marine life is recognized and lauded, he promises to strengthen his efforts to preserve species around the Eastern Tropical Pacific and save the marine ecosystem.

    Jason is a GoPro award winner for underwater images and a professional at underwater tagging of  Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead sharks, Giant Mantas, and Galapagos sharks. You can view his fantastic imagery on his social media handle @jasonborkland. He has also filmed with highly reputable television and media networks like Nat Geo and Discovery channel.

    What’s next for Jason Borkland?

    Like any man on a mission, Jason is set on achieving great success in all his chosen career paths. Whether it is running his family business or teaching diving professionally, conservation and protection of the planet is his top priority. He plans to adopt green technology and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels through his influence in the automotive industry. He is also working hard to make his company more environmentally friendly and in line with his beliefs as an ocean conservationist and adventurer.

    Get to know more about Jason Borkland by visiting his website here.


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