Founder of Triumph Capital Jacob Moore Forms a Joint Venture with the Fastest Growing Asset Management Company in the UK


    When looking for investment opportunities, one may find many choices at their disposal, from bonds and stocks to mutual funds and real estate. All of these are solid investments regardless of your experience. The type of investment that best fits you depends on varying factors. Mr. Jacob Moore, the CEO of the UK’s leading property investment firm, Triumph Capital, believes one must choose an investment based on circumstances, finances, and how much risk one can afford to take, guiding clients toward excellent opportunities.

    Moore states that asset-backed securities could be a highly stable and profitable investment with multiple benefits among different investment choices. To ensure more growth and elevation to investors’ portfolios, Moore’s company Triumph Capital, one of the leading investment firms exclusively focusing on alternative asset-backed securities, has recently formed a Joint Venture (JV) which primarily focuses on providing quality homes as well as facilitate commercial spaces for communication.

    Through this partnership, Moore acquires the funding to refurbish residential and commercial buildings to sell to corporate buyers. The purpose of this alliance is to create more investment opportunities for the clients, adding substantial value to their portfolios.

    In addition, Moore looks forward to identifying and executing further attractive opportunities in the UK market with similarly favorable supply-demand dynamics for investors and partners alike. Thanks to Triumph Capital, investors can capitalize on this development by investing in the Loan Note Program, enjoying one of the highest fixed interest rates in the UK. Consequently, investors are thrilled by the predetermined maturity date, low entry-level, and security, which is the end goal for Moore: to make his clients satisfied and happy with their investments.

    Moore focuses on loan notes because it provides more flexible options to raise capital as compared to property development, which is capital-intensive and may need to meet the bank’s stringent requirements. Through the former, investors can invest in the UK property market without the additional hassle of purchasing and managing a property.

    Individual property investors with relevant knowledge and experience, self-certified investors, and HNW individuals can invest in property loan notes with Moore’s company Triumph Capital

    , enjoying a fixed income.

    If you need further clarification, speak with one of Triumph Capital’s executives to guide you through the eligibility requirements and investment process.


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