“OPERATION HOPE’s Global Forum” in Atlanta, GA, Brought With It So Much Insight for One Global Charting Hip Hop Artist and Record Owner, INFJ Kenzo


As an optimist and genuine merchant of hope, California-based musical star INFJ Kenzo has always built his artistry around making positive change and impact. With success effortlessly following him, it is sobering to know that he is not at all concerned with the fame, flashy lifestyle, and everything that comes with it, as Kenzo holds on to the fact that unusual accomplishment free of uncommon compassion is senseless! He is the voice of the voiceless, using his rap gifts to bring to light the plights, lifestyles, and experiences of the underprivileged in a way that many listeners can relate to. It is, therefore, not surprising that his music has gone on to amass millions of streams on various platforms and dominate airwaves and radios inside and outside of the USA.

"OPERATION HOPE's Global Forum" in Atlanta, GA, Brought With It So Much Insight for One Global Charting Hip Hop Artist and Record Owner, INFJ KenzoOn December 11–13, mans was engaged somewhere for a cause that aligns with why he is in the music business in the first place: Kenzo attended the “OPERATION HOPE’S Global Forum”, which was happening in Atlanta, GA. Priceless, potent information was shared by various leaders and innovators working in their capacities, providing invaluable insight relating to community welfare and bridging the gap between the rich and the poor.

As someone deeply involved in community affairs, Kenzo understands that ingenuity without integrity isn’t impressive to anyone. And as such, he is leveraging his musical talents and humanitarian support to remind underprivileged communities to believe; in becoming influential creators of their lives and mighty artists around their ambitions.

This forum was an eye-opener for him and aligned with his mission of creating change in his community and those around him. And truth be told, Kenzo has always shown himself to be a heavyweight, not only in the music industry but also in terms of integrity and decorum.

Through this forum, Kenzo is now more motivated than ever to influence through his musical powers, the nobility of his expertise, and the compassion in his heart. He is focused on doing the real work with absolute consistency, giving him an immense competitive advantage born of mastery.

After this forum, Kenzo graced Club Bahia in Anaheim, CA, on Thursday, December 15, where he gave an ultimate performance that is still being discussed. I was so jealous I couldn’t make it there, but he did deliver one for the books.

INFJ Kenzo is set to continue making an impact as an artist, mentor, and owner of OTAON x Entertainment and make his merchandise, OTAON x Streetwear. This brand will be associated with everything he stands for, both as an artist and a person!

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For more information about INFJ Kenzo, visit his website.


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