Here’s Why Breathmasters, A Company That Teaches Breath Work, Is In The News


Aurimas Juodka started Breath Masters and is the CEO of YogiLab, a personal development platform based in Bali. He learned about breathwork more than ten years ago. He realised that the world needed this medicine very much, so he started Breath Masters. AJ has spent time in High Performance and Biohacking circles, and he has found that breathing exercises are THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to change quickly. Brian Kelly is the Co-Founder and Lead Coach of Breath Masters, which is an online school for getting certified as a Transformational Breath Coach.

AJ and his Co-Founder Brian have been coaching and helping people grow for more than 25 years combined. Before they started Breath Masters, they were on the core development team for YogiLab, which was based in Bali, Indonesia.

Through his retreats, workshops, online challenges, courses, private and group sessions, Brian has helped more than 20,000 students around the world overcome the epidemic of mental health problems, such as chronic stress, anxiety, and depression, while breaking through limiting beliefs and childhood traumas to make room for rapid growth, healing, and transformation.

Brian started the 9D Breathwork movement and is the man with the big picture behind it. This one-of-a-kind approach to breathwork combines the power of conscious connected breathing with hypnotherapy, High Definition multi-dimensional sound, brain entrainment, and sound frequency technology to give a world-class subconscious mind-bending experience unlike anything else in the world of breathwork.

When covid started to have a huge effect on mental health around the world, Brian switched from leading Breathwork sessions in person to leading online journeys. Nearly 250 people signed up for the first online session, and long-time Breathwork fans quickly saw that Brian’s work was some of the most powerful in the field.

After only a few months, the number of signups quickly went over 500, and word began to spread about Brian’s unique way of leading online Breathwork sessions.

In the first year, Brian and AJ were in charge of all sales calls. Now, they have 6 full-time sales reps and 3 full-time appointment setters. Breath Masters is able to set appointments for almost every hour of the day because they have reps in all of the major time zones.

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