Want to grow your business, Djordje Novakovic is the man for the job!


    Djordje Novakovic, a marketing guru hailing from Switzerland, has made over 16 million dollars for his clients, big and small alike. Multiple brands have approached Novakovic about his rave skills in the field and his ability to guide businesses to profitability. Because of his skills, the marketing guru has worked with many known faces from the UK, Belgium, France, and his native Switzerland.

    Djordje Novakovic believes in being the jack of all trades, and his 7+ years of experience in the marketing field has given him the opportunity to work for 2 different NFT projects in order to help them grow an organic and solid community in order to sell out their project. A significant portion of his income comes from helping retail trading platforms in growing. Not just that, he has also been invested in the crypto market and even real estate investments, and he owns multiple properties to date.

    Djordje is the founder of Iconix Investments, a Swiss-based marketing firm that provides insightful advice to other businesses in the sector. When asked about the sector that Novakovic specialises in, he talks about how he focuses on a fundamental aspect: “understanding the needs of my client.”

    Getting rich may sound easy, but the work put into really making it there takes a lot of effort. Djordje Novakovic believes that if he can, then anyone with the right mindset and hard work can make it to the big leagues, just like him.

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