Artist and Entrepreneur Alexis Fedor Offers Mentoring Programs for Aspiring Artists through Her Digital Platform ‘’Artists In Business’’


    We all need support from time to time, and getting the right aid can make a huge difference in how we proceed with our lives. Alexis Fedor’s company, Artists In Business, is a global training and education platform for artists to learn how to run their own successful online businesses. Alexis, also a performance artist and writer and a member of the Writer’s Guild of America East, created her company to provide unwavering business support to artists of all disciplines.

    Artists often have the learning curve of juggling their art with multiple side jobs or a full-time job, which ultimately hinders their creativity. Alexis made it her goal to overcome this issue; it came to fruition in the form of Artists In Business – a coaching firm that helps artists generate six to seven-figure incomes by selling their art online. She had to work hard and overcome setbacks in her own artistic endeavors to understand how to generate significant revenue from her art in the digital world.

    From streamlined tips for artists to a complete guide to Web 3.0 and NFTs, Artists In Business has something for all emerging artists who plan to successfully build a digital art empire. A perfect venture is one that aligns well with your vision and mission and creates a sustainable income with a focus on your ideal buyers and their psychology.

    Artists In Business currently offers the following courses and training programs, each focusing on a different problem that artists face in their quest to build a thriving business:

    • The first course is Signature Story Masterclass – Alexis recommends this course to any artist, whether they are just starting their business or are a seasoned business owner, to lay the foundation of their entire business plan based on what they value in their vision for their art.

    Additionally, Alexis believes that learning how to package one’s talent is just as important as having the talent itself. When you share your personal story and show the client the context for your art, they suddenly understand why it speaks to them. This establishes a deeper relationship.

    • Next in line is NFTs for Artists, through which artists not only learn what an NFT is and how to create one, they learn the key principles behind what makes an NFT a valuable way to position an offer, on or off the blockchain.
    • Third is their signature mentorship program, The Profit Canvas, which takes a detailed approach to growing a business through live coaching sessions. It ensures that the artists achieve all they expect from the program as well as their business.
    • Last but not least is the Optimized Artist Coaching. It is only for those clients/artists who have completed The Profit Canvas mentorship and feel ready to grow their business online and offline. It is a sure shot way to achieve long-term results.

    Moreover, Alexis believes that artists should not limit themselves in any way. She says that success does not come to those who live in fear and confusion. Alexis is doing a fantastic job, helping clients and aspiring artists pursue their dreams without hampering their creative abilities through the signature plans offered at Artists In Business.


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