Strategy KI says that Music blocks his Mental Heath

Strategy KI says that Music blocks his Mental Heath

Research demonstrates the therapeutic value of music for a range of mental health issues, such as schizophrenia, trauma, and depression (to name a few). 

In addition to serving as a tool for processing emotions, trauma, and sorrow, music can also be used to control or ease anxiety or other forms of dysregulation.

Rapper and CEO Reuben Leighton Kennedy (Professionally known as Strategy KI) explain to us that his father had Schizophrenia. 

Music is a potent instrument. Both your mood and a broken heart can be improved by it. Music has played a significant influence in our ability to cope with life’s greatest highs and lows for generations. 

Research on music’s potential to aid with a variety of mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression, has only recently come to light. 

One method used by medical practitioners to support patients as they work to enhance and regain control over their mental health, functioning, and well-being is music therapy.

Music is utilised in music therapy, a professional and scientifically supported technique, to improve a person’s general mood and well-being. 

As they assist and work with their clients to attain optimal mental health, music therapists are educated to use a variety of music-making techniques. 

A creative and all-encompassing approach to rehabilitation, music therapy also promotes the growth of healthy coping mechanisms. 

It has demonstrated to be extremely effective in assisting both persons with post-traumatic stress disorder and patients recover from traumatic experiences (PTSD).

Strategy KI  told us that in the past he suffered from anxiety, depression and PTSD due to traumatic events which took place in his early life.

The immune system, mental health, self-esteem, and confidence are all thought to be strengthened by music. 

It is also said to increase intelligence and focus. It can be used to unwind, to uplift and improve our mood, or to increase focus. 

Additionally, music can help with insomnia by encouraging and inducing a deeper slumber. Many people have said that listening to music allows them to “escape” and can easily and swiftly take them back to a happier moment, location, or memory.

“Music have always been an outlet for all the built up rage and anger I have had inside over the years. Without music I do not know where I would be now.” Strategy KI told us.

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