Nathan Sharma, the Chief Operating Officer of NIWE Academy, Is on a Mission to Make a Global Impact on the Education System


    During his academic years, Nathan Sharma witnessed the limitations of the education system. He noticed how it had been programmed to diminish creativity and individuality. Henceforth, he vouched to expose the loopholes within the system and challenge the need to have a college degree to succeed in life.

    Nathan used his family business, NIWE Academy, as a platform to raise awareness about the issue. The academy is a cosmetology school established by Sangeeta Sharma and Ramesh Sharma, Nathan’s parents, to inspire and help young women launch their careers in the beauty and wellness industry.

    After becoming the Chief Operating Officer for NIWE, Nathan worked on developing diploma programs that would cater to the individual differences of all its students. These programs use different pedagogies to develop a personalized learning experience.

    “We tailor each solution to your unique case to ensure the best possible outcome for you while making every experience exciting, accessible, and flexible,” says Nathan. He further added that the academy helps foster a growth-driven mindset that enables individuals to tap into their true potential and ensures that they view their mistakes as opportunities to grow.

    This approach has allowed NIWE Academy to witness exponential growth within a short period of time. Nathan knew that people would be eager to be a part of a learning program that acknowledges the variation within a student’s ability to learn. After making a salient impact within Calgary, Nathan aims to go global with his unique approach to learning. “We hope to achieve a global impact on the education industry as well as impact future CEO and Global leaders,” he stated.

    Nathan is determined to help individuals discover their passion. At present, he is also guiding young entrepreneurs and steering them in a direction that would ensure their success in the industry.

    Just at the age of 24, Nathan has achieved significant milestones and aims to help others achieve the same. He is a philanthropist who has succeeded in creating a safe haven for all those who have been cast aside by the specious education system.

    Presently, Nathan is working on launching a learning management system with a team involving his coach with the aim to help his peers gain knowledge and expertise on how to run a business.He aims to make a global impact with this digital venture and believes it will change the life of many young entrepreneurs for the better.

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