Behind The Scenes With Entrepreneur And Best Selling Author, Esmeralda Baez.


    We recently hopped on the phone with Esmeralda, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. She spoke to us about her book, shared some key insights into her career, personal motivations and best practices for how media brands utilize celebrity publicists.

    Esmeralda recognized early in her career that if she were to be truly successful, she’d need to strike a balance between work and her personal life. Something she mentions on her book “Reset & Reboot”. She also admits it initially was challenging to find a way to manage both aspects, so she designed a two year strategic growth plan. She was aware that in order to expand her brand, she needed to work on her company’s recognition.

    So, with any further do: What exactly does a Publicist do?

    One of the main responsibilities for a publicist is to generate positive media exposure while simultaneously maintaining a positive public reputation. Furthermore, a good publicist will interact with the media and other people and entities who want to get in contact with their clients.

    Tell us something most people don’t know or understand about PR?

    Celebrity PR is very different from traditional PR, But there are certain universalities to the relationship between PR and the press, which can be symbiotic and antagonistic. Journalists and PR people often have to work together, it’s all a relationship business.

    How is PR different from advertising?

    Well, Both advertising and PR help build brands and communicate with target audiences. But, The biggest difference is
    that Advertising is a purchased or paid media, whereas public relations is an earned media.

    what does the media industry mean to you?

    Well, its definitely more than just mass communication. Its interesting, fun, demanding, enticing and fast-moving. It gives me a way to share experiences and connect with people around the world. It also gives me the opportunity to express my ideas in a creative and engaging way.

    What do you think is your secret talent?

    That’s a difficult one. I guess a bull-headed persistence! I don’t know whether that’s a secret or not. But i’m very discipline.

    What inspires you daily to continue ?

    I find inspiration in those who have paved the way for all of us today. Those who have shared their knowledge & mistakes. Those Who have use their voices to make a change and empower others. but I’m also my own motivation. I don’t do this for anyone else but myself and for myself, I truly love and enjoy what I do.

    What made you write your book?

    The fact that I wanted to bring more awareness about mental health and what practices have helped me overcome it. I wanted to share my truth and personal stories, and let my audience know that no matter what bad situation you’re in right now, tomorrow will be a better day. Always be positive, Give to others and never let anyone dictate your value or worth.

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