Influencer Ilia Savkin raises the bar for other budding talents in the social media world.


    Ilia Savkin emerges as a young and sought-after social media influencer and content creator on Instagram.

    The massive developments and changes a few industries have attained over the years can be attributed to various reasons. Though people are talking about the many tech advancements being responsible for the same, no one can deny how a few individuals and professionals have put in sleepless nights in order to turn their ideas into their work, leading to the overall development and growth of those sectors. The way social media as an industry in itself has grown in the past few years is beyond commendable. So many young talented beings could create successful careers out of that, becoming internet sensations and highly followed social media stars just like Ilia Savkin became.

    Ilia Savkin is one of those rare social media influencers and content creators who stand distinctive from the rest for more reasons than one. This youngster hails from Ukraine and, through his content, has proudly flaunted his culture as well. He has now become his own personal brand, earning a massive 1 million followers on Instagram, who ardently wait for him to drop his new and refreshing content that have the power to effortlessly influence them positively.

    The young talent had begun posting content with the genuine intent to reach more people across the world, and that’s what happened gradually in a short span, where people really liked his raw vibe and energy and his honesty in creating authentic content for them. The kind of stylish pictures he posts on Instagram has already raised the bar for lifestyle content on Instagram for other budding social media influencers out there.

    His cool outfits and the whole aesthetic that seems like a professional photoshoot with each of his pictures have turned heads and how. This has also what motivated and inspired others to become professional photographers and turn into influencers themselves. Taking selfies with prominent names and celebrities or posing in front of famous landmarks has become his thing now, besides being active with sharing humorous memes.

    Do follow him on Instagram @ferriyaki to know more.

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