Watch Games TV Helps an Old, Talented Homeless Man Get a New House!


If you have never been homeless, you wouldn’t know what it feels like. Period. The constant fear, the animosity of the elements, and your own vulnerability to them are enough to drive one towards the edge of reason and sanity. And yet, there are millions of people without a roof above their heads, driven towards that situation by life, poor choices, or just pure bad luck. However, luck sometimes does shine on the most helpless in our society. And here’s a story that proves just that when Toronto’s cold hit the roof, Watch Games TV helped one homeless man buy a new house and get a second chance at life.

Watch Games TV has been engaging in responsible online gambling and building a fortune for the last seven years. However, unlike many people who battle the dilemma of what to do with all their money, Watch Games TV is focused on using what they win to help others along. They share some of these happy stories on YouTube. Among them is a very Christmas-y story where they helped a homeless person get a new home. Talking about the whole experience, their founder says, “When we win money on some of these websites where we play, we earn credits. So, the idea was to go downtown Toronto and get people who are without homes to play the same as us. But instead of credits, we would give them cash. If they won, we’d double the money. If they lost, we’d still give them something. We helped a few people living on the streets. It was heart-wrenching to see the plight of the homeless. However, there was one man in particular who seemed to be out there out of sheer bad luck. He was an amicable older man who had spent his entire pension on his mother’s hospital bills. Now he was living on the streets of Toronto, trying to be positive and perhaps hoping for a miracle. When we met him, we instantly knew there was something special about him. He spoke well, was well-traveled, and had just fallen on bad times. To help someone like him felt right because we knew we had the means and support to back him up, and he really seemed able to turn his life around and find his feet back. We ended up buying him a house. The rest is history.”

Thanks to Watch Games TV, the streets of Toronto are one homeless person less.

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